As a Sex & Intimacy Coach I work interactively with men, women, and couples, empowering them to discover their radiant confidence, smoldering sensuality, and to explore the deep, delicious dimensions of their sexual nature they may have only dreamed of.  A modern-day sexual healer and muse, I invite my clients into a unique, experiential connection that evokes the fullness of one’s erotic potential. I am deeply devoted to helping men and woman liberate their sexual energy and align themselves with love in order to be the most powerful force of change on the planet they can be!


My Training

My work is based on my training in The Somatica Method of Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching ( and the Interchange Counseling Institute’s innovative year-long program. I am a Certified Tantric Educator through the Source School of Tantra (, and studied Tantra through the International School of Temple Arts(, and Shawn Roop's Certified Tantra Counselor Program, as well as a private mentorship with world-renowned Tantric coach and educator, Triambika MaVive. With 5 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and a degree in Biopsychology and Cognitive Science, I have a deep appreciation for the mind-body connection and how we can utilize our sexuality as a source of healing and personal evolution.


My Story

Having overcome the shame and repression of my Midwestern religious upbringing and sexual trauma in my teens, my current views on love, sex, and the human experience have been shaped through the study & practice of both Buddhist and Hindu Tantric meditative paths, energy healing techniques, the dance and movement arts, Burning Man culture, extensive world-wide travel, years of exploration in the polyamory/open-relationship community, and through transformational work with various plant medicine teachers. I enjoy an incredibly full and vibrant life here in the Bay Area, teaching Tantra and cocreating with a loving and supportive community. I'm so blessed to be living my dreams and supporting others in doing the same!

Leslie is simultaneously immensely nurturing, delightfully playful,
and powerfully passionate. In the blend of those elements she is able to meet people where they are and help them open to receiving ever deeper levels of intimacy and affection in their lives.
— J.K.