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Sexuality of the Chakras

Sexuality of the Chakras
~Presented by Ritual~

Sexual desire comes in many forms. Consider what it's like when your sexuality is expressed in it's most primal animal form, when it's erotically and deliciously lavished upon your lover like honey, or when it shines angelicly from the heart space.

In the Tantric tradition, chakras are a framework for understanding how energy and emotions manifest in the body. Sexual energy is among the strongest energies we feel in our bodies. As this energy manifests in different chakras it has it's own unique expression and feel. In this interactive workshop, you will deepen your understanding of the different flavors of sexual desire. We will find your default expression and explore energies that may be more edgy or challenging for you to express. You'll learn tools to enhance your capacity to feel and express these energies and to broaden your range between them, becoming a more dynamic and conscious lover. 

Open to singles, couples, triads, etc... and people of all genders. 

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