Private Coaching and Tantra Sessions for Couples


Ready to take your relationship and your lovemaking to the next level?

“Married for 12 years and yet never feeling adequately fulfilled in the realms of vulnerability and heart-presence with one another, Leslie helped us discover new levels of energy, intimacy, and excitement in our relationship. She served the roles of intrepid guide, spiritual connector, trust-builder, and enthusiasm booster all at once, helping us reach levels of presence and intimacy we didn’t even know existed prior to our time with her!”
— A & J from Portland

You might Be saying:

  • "Things are Ok, but..."

Have you and your partner fallen into a "comfortable groove" with your sexuality that leaves you feeling bored and uninspired?  Maybe it's hard to find the time for truly satisfying intimacy, or perhaps you and your partner seem to want different things in the bedroom.

If there is something missing from the emotional connection, a lack of trust, or tendency toward conflict, it can derail a couple's sex life, leading to a downward spiral of disconnection and dissatisfaction. However, with a clear intention to change course and a willingness to examine one's own role in the dynamic, couples can often make a fresh start, seeing one another and their relationship in a new light and moving forward with loving presence and curiosity.

I can help you to:

  • Understand what your partner is wanting and needing to feel truly fulfilled 
  • Learn to communicate clearly and compassionately to easily resolve conflicts 
  • Identify the roadblocks to having the passionate relationship you both really want
  • Learn to ask for what you what!
  • Create a new space of possibility with one another for a more satisfying sexual and emotional connection to emerge
  • Discover a spiritual dimension of your sexuality, learning the basics of Tantric lovemaking for embodied bliss!

  • "We are doing great and want to explore an even deeper intimate connection."

It is my joy and honor to be able to guide you and your partner to access even more fulfilling dimensions of physical, emotional and spiritual union that you have yet to experience with one another, or perhaps never knew was possible.  I will introduce you to the basics of Tantra, both from a philosophical and practical standpoint, giving you simple practices and techniques that you can implement right away to start having mind-blowing sex and a sublime experience of your subtle sexual energy

Learn how to:

  • Set the scene for glorious lovemaking, with luscious sights, sounds, aromas, tastes and textures
  • Quickly get out of your heads and relax into enjoying your sensuality together
  • Pamper your partner with a tantalizing full-body sensual massage
  • Make sex a meditative practice for the expansion of consciousness
  • Dwell in deep intimacy through Tantric eye-gazing
  • Use the breath to control your sexual energy for full-body pleasure
  • Practice a Tantric technique together called "Edging" to increase your orgasmic potential!

More than just a set of practices, Tantra is a profoundly satisfying way of Being with one another. I can easily see the ways that you can step into greater alignment with that vibration of love and pleasure. By identifying the unique energetic dynamics at play in your relationship, I can help you start to take a conscious role in co-creating the life and the partnership that you really want!

  • "We are interested in opening our relationship or exploring with a third..."

Polyamorous or open relationships can be immensely beautiful and rewarding, but are often complex, with many delicate matters to navigate. Having successfully charted these waters myself, I bring a wealth of insight to couples looking to step outside the monogamous box, guiding you into an exciting new territory of relating.  Together we will lay a solid foundation of safety and trust, establishing crucial ground-rules and adopting basic principles of clear, compassionate communication. Exploring both of your desires and fears, we will take an honest look at the underlying shame and insecurities as well as possible triggers so they can be processed with ease when they rear their head. When each person has a true desire to use relationship as a path of personal evolution, open-relationships can quickly expose hidden blockages for healing and integration, allowing you and your partner to access ever more profound levels of vulnerability, authenticity and love with one another.  This path of open-relating has been one of my greatest teachers, bringing me into greater integrity and alignment with myself and allowing me the opportunity to grow through the unique reflection each beloved brings to my life. I can't wait to serve you in your expansion!

Leslie facilitated a very personalized, perfect-for-our-level-of-readiness form of guidance in being present with one another in a loving and intimate space. She can pull you out of your static “comfort” and into a safe new realm of enlightenment. Leslie helped us unlock so much goodness as a couple—-stuff that we didn’t know we could! For this we are truly grateful beyond words.
— A & J from Portland