Sessions for Women


My desire for you is to arrive deeply home within your precious female body, without pain or fear, free from shame, and feeling more pleasure, bliss, and confidence in your life than ever before.

As women, connecting to our own radiant pleasure is how we tune into our power, wisdom, and divinity. Unfortunately, in today's world sacred sensuality is largely a lost feminine art form. The day-to-day can be so busy, or sometimes our natural joy and ease in our body is driven into hiding by sexual trauma or self-judgement. 

Tantra can help you forge a new connection with yourself and your sexuality, it can be the key that unlocks a new chapter of your self-love and personal expression.



Sex and Relationship Coaching

Let's find a time to talk about where things are for you and what you would love to be feeling in relationship to your body, your sensuality, and your romantic connections.

Often in the process of sexual awakening, as the sensual life-force becomes activated there are various blockages or challenging emotions to move through. So many women have experienced sexual trauma and are ready to reclaim their bodies and their pleasure, but don't know where to begin. I can offer you a safe space to experience what needs to be felt, and a place of exploration for all the hidden juiciness, power and aliveness you are ready to discover.

Although changes can be seen in even one session, this work best unfolds over a period of time, so I'd recommend planning for 2-3 months of coaching while the new changes take hold in your system. Many women choose to combine a series of coaching sessions with one or more hands-on Tantric Bodywork Sessions.


Healing & Awakening Tantra Sessions



These luxurious two+ hour sessions take place within my home studio or occasionally in the privacy of your own home.

We will take some time for connection and conversation at the beginning, and then begin the bodywork to get the stuck energies and emotions moving and to unlock the mysteries of deeper pleasure and ecstasy within you.

Sessions may also include meditation and breathwork, root chakra work, dance and sensual movement, sounding, aromatherapy, emotional catharsis, and other healing tools. 

Depending on what's going on for you, I might recommend some coaching prior to the hands-on work, but you are also welcome to do just a stand-alone Tantra Session, it's like a whole mini-ritual in itself. 

* * * * *

Custom sessions are available to incorporate your partner either learning to be in a giving role, or them being the receiver, or sharing sensual space together with my loving guidance. See my Couples section!


"As a woman who has experienced multiple levels of sexual assault and carried heavy shame and fear around my sexuality, Leslie held a deeply sacred and safe space for me to feel comfortable connecting with my heart, my body and my desires. I felt full permission to feel all my feelings and go at a pace that felt right to me. As a result of this safety and her care, I was able to relax and allow the gift of receiving loving adoration and touch without being scared. It was so nourishing and I walked away feeling like I had begun a new relationship with my body, my desires, my "yes" and my "no," based on pure honor, love, respect and adoration. I have so much gratitude for this experience. If you carry shame, fear or trauma around your sexuality, I would trust Leslie 100% to help you heal."

~ Jessica


Working with Leslie in the beautiful and sacred container she holds, provided me with the opportunity to take a next pivotal step in aligning with my sexuality in a whole and powerful way. In my experience Leslie has cultivated a unique ability to meet a person right at their edge and stay there until something mysterious happens and energies open up and unfurl in surprising ways. She is a gift and a gem!

~ Payton Tontz, PhD


"I am absolutely blown away after my first session with Leslie. As a survivor of sexual assault, I was nervous to book a session with a sex therapist. Even though I want sexual liberation and pleasure more than anything in the world, because of my trauma history, it felt terrifying to face it. Leslie was so incredibly kind, compassionate and trauma-sensitive with me. We started out talking and creating a sense of safety that allowed me to trust her and to go deeper. During the session Leslie asked for consent, checked in with me and listened to me every step of the way. Leslie was attuned to my body and went at just the right pace for me to be able to relax and open up. All of my fears about feeling pressured, rushed or re-traumatized melted away in Leslie's presence. I was grateful to receive conscious loving touch and to truly be seen and held in the way that my heart and sex have always wanted to be. I cried with relief and gratitude. Leslie offered me the gift to turn towards my sexual world with her supportive loving presence. I have been craving this for years and did not even know it existed.

After our first session I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and tell all of my friends. It IS possible to be touched in the way you like! It IS possible to know yourself sexually! It IS possible to discover what you like and experience pleasure, even if you have been sexually abused! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have discovered this. As someone who works with female trauma survivors regularly, I understand the value of her work and really appreciate the sensitivity she brings. Leslie is a gem and I will be coming back to work with her in the future and referring my friends and clients!"

~ K.G.


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anais Nin