Sexual Embodiment Coaching and Tantra Education


Embracing Sexuality as a Transformational TOol

I help men, women and couples access the transformational potential of their sexuality, opening them to a deeper connection with their own bodies, their intimate partners and their lives.

I believe in the power of conscious sexuality to shift the way men and women relate to one another, ultimately contributing to a shift toward a more peaceful, pleasure-filled and harmonious world. 

It is my great honor to help others to own their sexuality, to help them feel at home in their bodies, at peace with their own desires, and with the confidence and willingness to show their sensuality to the world.


If you are ready for greater activation of your pleasure and mojo, and to release those doubts, shame and fears once and for all, this work may be right for you. Let's find a time to talk!




Upcoming Events:

SoulPlay Festival
June 6-9tH, 2019

I'm honored and jazzed to be asked to come back to facilitate my special brand of sensual magic at this year's SoulPlay Festival. It's happening on June 6-9th out in the gorgeous Sierra mountains.

This festival is always a wonderfully nurturing time of community connection, playful embodiment, dance and sensuality, so many great presenters and events, and on there's a pool and hot tub!!


Future events TBA:

The Tantra Experience
Intro Weekend

You have spoken loud and clear, you want to embody your sexuality in a way that is both powerful and healthy, you want more pleasure in your life, and you want more opportunity for fun & meaningful connection with like-minded community. You're going to get all of that in this dynamic weekend event!

For Singles and Couples of all genders.
Click HERE for more info and Registration


Tantric Lovemaking
TBA 7-10pm Oakland

Come learn the basics of Tantric Lovemaking: how to create sacred space with your beloved, let go of goals and drop into the moment, and access new dimensions of pleasure and connection through breath and intention. You’ll get to try out some intro connection exercises with others in the class!
Come alone or with a partner.

Click HERE for more info and Registration


Ignite your Body Temple!
Daylong Retreat for the Feminine
Dates TBA

Gather with your priestess sisters for this day of nourishment, laughter, connection, embodiment, and activation! We will share a cacao ceremony, sacred songs, breathwork, and triad massages to get you juiced up and overflowing in your feminine nature.
Come play! 

Click HERE for more info and photos from the last one!


What People are Saying

“Leslie embodies the very best in Tantric energy, practice, healing and teaching. Through her words, her touch and her presence, she conveys a sexuality that is neither subtle nor subversive, but rather joyous and effervescent. She is a natural guide: deeply knowledgeable, compassionate, and eager to share.

Over the course of our three sessions, I rediscovered myself as a profoundly sexual being. I laughed hysterically, I experienced my first energy orgasm, and I developed a coherent strategy for moving forward with my tantric education.

To learn from Leslie is to be invited into a space where energy flows effortlessly and learning comes naturally, to be made constantly aware of our essential divinity. I couldn’t have picked a better teacher to launch my journey.”

~ M.B.
“I was nervous to book a session with a sex therapist. Even though I want sexual liberation and pleasure more than anything in the world, because of my trauma history, it felt terrifying to face it. Leslie offered me the gift to turn towards my sexual life with her supportive loving presence. I have been craving this for years and did not even know it existed.”

~ K.G. 
“Leslie’s heartfelt, intuitive wisdom creates a safe space for healing, insight and play. Her knowledge of Tantra and the erotic arts is vast and her desire to serve is profoundly sincere. I walking into my session feeling heavy and tired, but walked out feeling grounded, electrified, and connected to my sensual animal. I whole-heartedly recommend working with her.”

~ Candice Holdorf, The Orgasmic Life
“My experience with your work has honestly been life-changing, even though we’ve only been through three sessions. I’m already starting to feel the healing. Just the word “mother” used to send my mind on a negative spiral of emotions that I’ve gotten accustomed to fighting off, but the other day, the first emotion I felt when I heard the word “mother” was warmth - it was a memory of your comforting touch. The same can be said of many of my other day-to-day experiences.

You’re slowly freeing my mind from my past in a way that I never knew was possible, you’ve helped me find clarity in one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, and you brought out a playful side of me that I didn’t even know existed. I believe that there is truly no more powerful pattern interrupt than a positive memory to draw upon when bad things happen. From our sessions, I’ve internalized that I must live life on my own terms - I become how I choose to live. A cage is no place for a phoenix. I’m so grateful for the work that you do and I appreciate who you are so much. Thank you.” 

~ Anonymous
“Leslie was an incredible guide and friend during this process. My husband and I wanted to learn more about unexplored territories of pleasure, specifically, the G-spot. Leslie got on the phone with me, answered all my questions, and was more than happy to tailor to our needs. During the session, she helped me feel safe, and prioritized the connection between my husband and I. She helped us uncover a whole new realm of pleasure we didn’t know existed, by carefully teaching technique and helping us understand what was happening. She encouraged me to let go and release into my pleasure so I could unlock a whole new level of orgasmic potential. Leslie is kind, present, and professional. You will be in good hands. Highly recommend!”

~ Anonymous

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Harold Whitman