Immersions for Singles or Couples

Enjoy your own personalized Half-day, Full-day or Multi-day retreat in the location of your choosing where we will dive deep into the embodiment of these teachings, helping you gain greater personal mastery and expanded orgasmic potential.  In these Immersions you will have the prime opportunity to experience a new, empowered, and authentic way of being, setting powerful intentions for the next chapter of your life.

If you are ready to make a rapid shift in the way you relate to your body, your sexuality and relationships--gaining confidence and accessing greater pleasure in your sensual expression--this might be perfect for you!  Perhaps you are at a crossroads, just ending a relationship, or are feeling challenged to find what is meaningful for you in life, wondering if you're doing it all wrong... Perhaps you and your partner are looking to take your relationship to the next level, and you have chosen to spend this time together focusing on what will make the two of you flourish in love. Maybe you are needing a spiritual refresh, a meditative drop into the body and soul, and are interested in how you can use sensuality as a gateway to that connection.



Join me for an Immersion to unwind, get juiced up, and to make a    fresh start in the direction of your deepest pleasure!


Together we will discuss where you are now and what would most benefit you at this point in time, crafting our day to suit your needs and desires.  The experience will be individually-tailored for your greatest growth and enjoyment, leaving you with an exciting new perspective and clear pathways for moving forward.

Immersions may include:

  • Guided meditation and breathing practices to get you into a relaxed and receptive state
  • Walking in nature
  • Movement practices such as yoga or dance
  • Sharing a delicious, healthy meal together
  • Personalized education in sensual expansion practices and techniques
  • Cuddling and eye-gazing for enhanced intimacy
  • Playful exercises to activate your inner animal
  • Time for journaling or personal writing to help solidify the important shifts you're making
  • Private time for you and your partner
  • An additional male practitioner for work with couples who are desiring a deeper Tantric education

We can meet in the privacy of your own home, in a luxurious and inspiring setting near the Bay Area, or in an exotic location around the world!  Travel expenses and accommodations not included. Contact me for rates and details via the button below.

What glorious adventure could we dream up for you? Looking forward to sharing an unforgettable experience that will nourish and inspire you, setting you on a brand new course of love and empowerment in your life.