Sacred Love Warrior - Intro Training Weekend, June 25-26

Embody your Love. Liberate your Passion.
A transformational approach to love, sex, intimacy, and healing.


S ♡ W is a tribe of loving, passionate, and conscious souls; the visionaries and future leaders of our generation who are changing the world through their awe-inspiring embodiment of vibrant love. We consciously engage with Life and with our Community, listening ever deeper to the wisdom of our bodies, activating our sexual life-force energy, and integrating our deeply felt intuitions to blossom into the vulnerable, sensual, and powerful healers that we are. 


At the Intro weekend You will:

♡ Open your heart to more love
♡ Cultivate sacred intimacy
 Learn Tantrik philosophy relevant for you today
♡ Embrace the fullness of your sacred sexuality
♡ Awaken the healer within you



♡ Solo, partner, and group exercises
♡ Interactive discussion and facilitated sharing
♡ Somatic meditation
♡ Dancing Freedom (
♡ Sensual Yoga

♡ Cacao Ceremony and Two Transformational Rituals


Is this right for me?

This is an intro level course, so no prior experience or knowledge is necessary to participate. While we'll be discussing sexuality, all exercises are clothes-on and PG-rated. Participants will be invited to share loving touch with each other with the understanding that we celebrate your 'Maybe' and your 'No' for any exercise for any reason. If you are looking to explore the full richness of life and your body, and are ready to blossom into your loving, sensual, healing beauty, then we are ready for you. 


Saturday night accommodations:

Camp with us, rent a room to sleep at Graceful Landing, or head home and sleep in your own bed. 



Private home, Graceful Landing in the Oakland Hills
Hot Tub :: Salt water Pool :: Yoga deck :: Scenic views



Sat June 25th 10:00am-5:00pm
Sat Evening Ceremony 7:00-10:00pm
Sun June 26th 10:00am - 6:00pm



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Your facilitators:


Leslie Grace & Matt Sturm

As coaches, sexual healers and teachers of Tantra, we are devoted to sharing this path of awakening and healing in order to create a healthy, vibrant community of sexually liberated and empowered souls ready to share their wisdom and love with the world.