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My former partner Matt Sturm and I have been regularly teaching a variety of experiential, intro-level Tantra classes for singles and couples, and a beautiful community has been forming! We are blessed to offer spaces for people to explore the depth of their sexuality in a way that feels safe and connected. Come join us!


Events Coming Up:

Tantra Massage for Her
March 10-11th, Oakland

Come learn the healing art and ritual of Tantra Massage - a journey into worship of the feminine. Whether you are giving or receiving, Tantra Massage transports you into a sacred space of intimacy and communion with the power of a woman’s life-force energy. For Singles and Couples.

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Tantra Massage for Him
May 5-6th, Oakland

Through this lively weekend course, you'll learn the Tantric approach to sexual energy mastery for Men. It's all about bringing greater consciousness to your pleasure, learning to control and expand your sexual energy throughout the body, to last longer and experience more full body orgasmic sensation. For Singles and Couples.

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Tantric Intimacy for Couples Weekend Course
April 7-8th, Oakland

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