Sessions for Men


Are you ready to become a master lover?


Through my unique, sensual and playful approach, I will help you to:

  • Feel comfortable and confident in your body, enjoying greater pleasure

  • Awaken your inner erotic animal

  • Break through old patterns of fear and resistance that have been holding you back

  • Connect the power of your sexuality with your heart to be a more well-rounded lover, something women deeply desire!

  • Learn to last longer in bed, orgasm when you want to, and learn to experience full-body orgasmic pleasure

  • Explore the basics of Tantra and start putting it into practice right away

  • Cultivate a deeper level of intimacy in your relationships and a spiritual dimension of sexuality



“Being with her was like combining a yummy date and a great therapy session into one!”
— A.K. from San Francisco

“This is work I wish I had been doing ten years ago, because it’s been hard for me to find a way of growing here other than with a lover. This work focuses on the exact things that have kept me from having that amazing love life that I always wanted.”
— M.M. from San Francisco

Clients often report feeling: 

  • Sexier!

  • More alive

  • Greater confidence

  • Fired up and activated in their body

  • More empowered to approach women as their authentic selves, not a pick-up robot

  • Greater control over their sexual energy and better able to control when they climax


What is it like to work with me?

Much more engaging than a typical talk session, my work combines therapeutic counseling and Tantric energy practices with cuddling and exploratory sensual connection, allowing you to feel deeply understood and empowered, lavished with abundant affection, and ever more turned-on to how sexy and amazing you can really be!

You will gain an experience of yourself that challenges your deeply-held beliefs and assumptions about the way things have been for you, inviting in bold new potentials to take root...

Although we use sexuality as the medium, this work is deeply transformational in nature, creating powerful changes from the ground up. Together we will create an authentic, therapeutic relationship that provides the container for your growth, nourishing you and reinforcing the positive momentum you're creating for your life. 

Sometimes a shift can happen in just a few sessions, but one's sexual potential often takes time to fully unfold. Our relationship can span a course of weeks, months, or even years, depending on how deep you are wanting to go.  

You are walking into something powerful and life changing. Be prepared for it!
— M.M. from San Francisco